Data Science Bootcamps

Just a few years ago, DJ Patil and Jeff Hammerbacher coined the job title “data scientist” to define their jobs at LinkedIn and Facebook, respectively.

Since then, we’ve literally seen a new industry blossom and grow. With this growth, came challenges like how best to train Data Scientist for these opportunities in a timely manner. One viable option that has emerged is short term programs called Data Science bootcamps.

This site will be exclusively focused on shedding more light on the Data Science bootcamp ecosystem. Three years ago, this industry didn’t exist but today we have more than two dozen online learning portals with Data Science resources, some hybrid offerings and about 15 full-time Data Science bootcamps scattered across Silicon Valley, New York, a few other US tech metros, London, Berlin and Dublin.

You could say the industry is essentially unregulated  and so our focus here will be to publish as much information to ensure that prospective students seeking to transition to Data Science via a bootcamp or similar programs have all the information they need to make an informed decision. We will be digging through every facet of the bootcamp experience as we strongly believe that a transparent ecosystem benefits all parties including the bootcamps, alums, prospective students, hiring companies and other vested interests.

We are excited to embark on this journey.


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